Add Your Event

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all Ethereum events everywhere. The event should be a community event, which generally means low- or no-cost to attendees, and inclusive.

How to Add Your Event

To add your event, you can either:

  1. Make a pull request to the Scrolls repo:, or
  2. File an issue with details about your event, and a volunteer will create the Jekyll post for you

The basic info to include is:

  • name of your event (this is title)
  • brief description (excerpt)
  • start date
  • end date
  • location

The format looks like:

title: My Awesome Event
excerpt: "My awesome event will include so many EIPs and lots of open source pull requests."
  start_date: 2018-07-14T16:20:02-05:00
  end_date: 2018-07-15T16:20:02-05:00
  location: Berlin, Germany

If you include a link entry, then the post will link to your event website rather than focusing on a local event page.

Add links to your registration page, forum threads, or other information in the body of your event post – or highlight it in your excerpt.

Customizing your event page

The Jekyll theme we use is Minimal Mistakes. The helpers documentation has lots of examples of what you can use in an event post.

The Council of Berlin event page is an example of a highly customized page that can be used as a full landing page for your event.

Table of Contents

The table of contents feature will give you a right hand table of contents based on the headers you use in the body of your post.

toc: true
toc_sticky: true

You can include sidebar links, which appear at the left.

  - title: "Title"
    image_alt: "image"
    text: "Some text here."
  - title: "Another Title"
    text: "More text here."