The Council of Prague is the third gathering of the Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians. It is being held before DevCon4.

This is a collaborative, participatory event where the agenda is built by the community.

Oct 28th: ETH2 Roadmap + Ring Prep

Oct 29th: Council of Prague


All information will be archived here on this site as well as via the EthMagicians Scrolls Wiki Agenda Page.


October 27th, 2018: Registration, Rings and Wrangling

It’s been great to be on the ground here in Prague, meet many Internet faces for the first time in person, and have the volunteer organizing team work together on site at the Status Hackathon.

We are full. We don’t want to turn anyone away, but we will have to keep careful track of participant numbers so we don’t hit the capacity limit for the building. We ask that everyone check in tomorrow, Sunday October 28th, for early check in starting at 11:30am, or bright and early at 9am on Monday, October 29th for the full day Council of Prague.

We’ve got the schedule grid for the ~18 topics we’ll be covering up as a full session & room schedule grid. With 6 “tracks”, you’ll need to choose for each of the three Ring Session Slots you want to attend. Not too late to tell us which topics are most interesting so we can adjust the size of room we put sessions in.

For Sunday, besides early check in 11:30am - 12:30pm (and cheering on the Status Hackathon finalists!) we only have two sessions:

The ETH2 Session with Lane Rettig, Danny Ryan, and other members of the ETH2 developers, is from 1pm - 3pm. You can add your own questions ahead of time.

If you are a Ring Maker, or in general would like to learn more about active participation in unconferences, join us for the Ring Preparation session from 4pm to 5:30pm.

Thank you again to Status for being such awesome hosts. We look forward to continuing to make the National House Smichov part of the community home base all throughout DevCon.

October 13th, 2018: Infura sponsors lunch catering

"Infura Logo"

Thank you to the team at Infura for reaching out to help feed you! This is their message to you:

Infura is happy to help support the Ethereum Magicians Summit and other community driven initiatives. Let us know if you’ll be in Prague and want to connect with our team, send us a message at

September 26th, 2018: Fluence Livestream in-kind sponsorship

"Fluence Logo"

Josef connected us with the Fluence team. They are bringing a video crew that helped covered ETHBerlin to support in-kind sponsorship by providing livestream assistance.

Fluence Labs was created to build a decentralized network technology. We believe that decentralized data storage is a crucial part of the tomorrow’s web and will benefit the humanity by providing a new level of privacy, control, and security.

September 18th, 2018: RightMesh Community Sponsorship

"RightMesh Logo"

The RightMesh team is a Community Sponsor!

RightMesh is the infrastructure-less platform for connectivity. We are “putting the power of connectivity back in the hands of the people” with a decentralized, mobile mesh network that uses only the smartphones people already own in most parts of the world. As an Ethereum-based project with an ERC20 token powering mesh sharing, we are proud to support Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians.

September 4th, 2018: Joint venue with Status Hackathon, Registration Open

"Status Logo"

We’re happy to announce that the Council of Prague will be co-locating with the Status #cryptolife Hackathon. The Status team has stepped up to be Venue Sponsors, and have extended their venue rental so that the Council will convene on October 29th at the same location.

Ahead of the council, we’ve worked with the Status Hackathon to make space available to actively work on code, design, and discussion in an “EIPs and Interoperability” track. We are welcoming anyone from Magicians, Rings, and across the Ethereum ecosystem to come and work on code and demos. This will also kick off awareness of EIPs to Hackathon participants – we’d love to see people build new experiences from scratch that includes EIPs and interoperability out of the box.

We’re calling on members of the Ethereum ecosystem to come join and mentor the EIPs and Interoperability track. You can work on core open source standards code embedded in the Status Hackathon, while also serving as mentors for Hackathon participants who will be looking to integrate and implement your standards.

Now that we have confirmed venue and timing, the registration is open, so please do go and register. Everyone that had previously registered for the waitlist has been notified by email. You do need to register separately for the Status Hackathon as well if you plan to attend, although we are tracking that as one of the EthMagicians registration questions to help with coordination.

A reminder that we appreciate registration for the Council to help us plan food and other activities, but that all are welcome.

August 31st, 2018: ChronoLogic provides in-kind sponsorship for video coverage & editing

"ChronoLogic Logo"

Joseph from the ChronoLogic team reached out to offer in-kind sponsorship by providing the video coverage and editing services.

ChronoLogic has done video coverage of many events Ethereum-related events including EDCON Toronto, EthCC Paris, DappCon Berlin, ENS Workshop London, etc. You can check out their YouTube channel for a taste of what they’ve done in the past.

The ChronoLogic team is currently working on Ethereum scheduling protocols and will be launching the Ethereum Alarm Clock transaction scheduling functionality on the MyCrypto wallet very soon.

We don’t yet have a livestream setup. From Berlin, it seemed like there were very few live participants, but we got lots of feedback that people appreciated and watched the videos after the fact. Want to volunteer to run the livestream? Get in touch!

August 29th, 2018: Ethereum Community Fund signs up as Sustaining Sponsor

"Ethereum Community Fund Logo"

We’re pleased to announce that the Ethereum Community Fund (ECF) will be sponsoring and collaborating with the Ethereum Magicians. We met with the ECF team in Berlin in July and had a great discussion about how the ECF could be a long term partner. From that conversation, the ECF is offering its support as a Sustaining Sponsor, and will contribute an equivalent of $5K USD of sponsorship for the next three Magicians’ events, starting with Prague.

The Ethereum Magicians events are currently all volunteer organized and aim to be low cost. Major costs for events are usually venue, food, and video coverage. We rely on Host Organizations in locations where Councils are held to help with payment, and then organize ETH and fiat sponsorships to cover expenses. The ECF Sustaining Sponsorship will allow us to plan ahead for the Spring and Summer events of 2019, and have a great event in Prague.

Interested in sponsoring? The Wiki Agenda lists costs and sponsorship opportunities.

Please do register for the waitlist – we’ll be finalizing dates and have more announcements later this week and officially “open” registration.

August 10th, 2018: Forum Announcement & Registration Waitlist

We have a Picatic registration site up and running in waitlist mode. Please do register for the waitlist to get email notifications when registration opens. We will open registration when we have venue details and dates confirmed.

Join the discussion in the EthMagicians forum for comments, feedback, and to get involved as a volunteer.