#Tachyon18 Open Source & Social Impact Community Meetup

Meet the open source & social impact grantees from the #Tachyon18 by Consensys cohort, including Wallet Connect, Global Xplorer, and ETH Status Codes

Tachyon is the blockchain accelerator program by ConsenSys. This fall, #tachyon18 is the first cohort, and includes a number of open source and social impact grants.

We invite you to come and meet the teams, learn about the projects, and how you can get involved. We’ll also give a brief overview of the rest of the cohort so you can follow their process as well.

Wallet Connect (Open Source)


WalletConnect is a free open source standard for connecting Dapps to mobile Wallets remotely. Opening up a whole world of Dapps that were once only available to Metamask. With up to 4 million mobile wallet users, WalletConnect allows thousands of Dapps to connect with mobile users in a seamless end-to-end encrypted user experience.

Global Xplorer (Social Impact)


GlobalXplorer° is an online platform that uses the power of the crowd to analyze the incredible wealth of satellite images currently available to archaeologists. Launched by 2016 TED Prize winner and National Geographic Fellow, Dr. Sarah Parcak, as her “wish for the world,” GlobalXplorer° aims to bring the wonder of archaeological discovery to all, and to help us better understand our connection to the past. So far, Dr. Parcak’s techniques have helped locate 17 potential pyramids

Ethereum Status Codes (Open Source)


Broadly applicable status codes for Ethereum smart contracts. This standard outlines a common set of Ethereum status codes (ESC) in the same vein as HTTP statuses. This provides a shared set of signals to allow smart contracts to react to situations autonomously, expose localized error messages to users, and so on.

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